Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Few days more to go and semestral break is here. As a teacher, I am doing the usual end-of-the-term-rush. Plenty of papers to evaluate, projects to check, test papers to make, and a whole lot more which keep my life as a pedagogue going.

This week, I will be conducting listening, speaking, reading and writing tests to my 2nd graders and will be doing a lot of checking afterwards. Good that I was able to finish the test paper and the marking rubrics last week so everything would be very fine this week. I have got not so much with my 4th graders for I won't conduct any formal test this term. I have been using authentic evaluation techniques to assess how they have been going in terms of listening, speaking, reading and writing in my Mathematics ESL class. Things might be eating me up in few days but for sure, I won't be out of breath.

This time, I am planning to keep myself away for a while from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Although I am in the outskirt of Metro Bangkok, I can feel it as I see the traffic jam inside the school every morning and afternoon. The traffic officer's always whistling. It even woke me up at times. I think I should retire from hearing those whistles sometimes. I should find time for myself so I could reflect on the things that had happened in the previous semester and think of ways in improving it fot the second semester.

SEMESTRAL BREAK is coming... but I couldn't think of a lengthy break this time. But at least, I could start ticking my calendar now.

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