Monday, September 22, 2008

Pedagogue’s Fondness

Standing in the hub of the throng,
In a horde which I mull over as life
Nurturing their infantile and inventive psyches,
Taking them to greater heights
Where they could be in a paradise.

I hear unpretentious words from them
Which I appreciate and tweak.
Yet I have to be careful as I preach
Because they are fragile and special
To me, their understanding is vital.

They’re like lilies blooming in the pond,
Unique with each one’s beauty and stance.
Forty of them are individuals.
Forty thoughts, forty feelings, forty dreams
Oh! How lofty am I to come to grips with them.

Pedagogy is life and I live with it
It’s like drizzle sprinkling the lilies in the pond
Making them grow into magnificent bloom
Teaching is endowing the learners a feeling of being special
Shaping an edifice of trust for themselves and for everyone.

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