A product of the Philippines' public school system, the blogger had his first formal education in a primary school in a small village in the interior town of the province of Bohol, Philippines. Frustrated to enroll for Communication or Political Science in college, he ended up enrolling himself for Computer Engineering in a state college which then led to finishing a degree in Secondary Education major in Mathematics. 

Currently, Phil is working as Mathematics Teacher in an international school in Cebu City, Philippines. Prior to reuniting with the academe, he worked in the corporate set-up as Customer Service Associate, Publishing Consultant and Financial Associate in the offshore operations of USA-based companies in a span of two years. Before settling for such careers, he taught English and Mathematics abroad for almost four years. Holding a degree in Secondary Education major in Mathematics and units in Master of Education major in Educational Administration, he ambitiously envisions of opening his own learning center and education and training consultancy firm somewhere in the Visayas Region in the Philippines. 

With all those pressures he intentionally put into his work and profession, the blogger is still a nonsense individual who does a couple of nonsense things during nonsense moments. He is a self-confessed blabbermouth who loves long nature and urban walks, mountain climbing and all other forms of adventure. He also writes different articles in which the themes and topics range from personal experiences and reflections to professional insights. Additionally, he also does photography with his camera phone as a hobby.

This blog is a product of the blogger's random thoughts and professional insights on pedagogy, education policies and some social issues affecting the education landscape of the 21st Century.