Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why am I teaching?

"Why am I teaching?" As a teacher, have you ever asked yourself such question? Why do you keep on coming back to school after long years of going to school? I remeber the responses of my classmates in college when interviewed on their experiences during student-teaching. Most of them were happy with what they were doing especially that most of them, considered teaching as their first-hand experience in handling individuals.

For me, teaching was out of my plans when I was in high school and about to go to college although it's been a part of my ambition when I was yet a small kid. When asked what course I would like to take in college, I usually answered Political Science or Mass Communication but ended up as Mathematics teacher.

Anyhow, I don't have any regret for not fulfilling my dreams for teaching became a profession and career of my own. Being a teacher, is a poetic fulfillment of the dreams that I have for me and my family. Although many negative tags are attached to teaching and to the teachers, teaching will always be the noblest profession but I always keep on coming back on the question as to why I chose this profession? My life as a teacher would never be complete without molding a philosophy which would guide me through the years of molding dreams.

I believe that learning is a life-long process by which learners acquire knowledge and skills necessary for living. Knowledge and skills can be best imparted if learners are given reason as to why they need to learn a specific task or material. Hence, meaningfulness should be provided. Meaningfulness can be provided if students recognize connection/s between the materials to be learned and their own needs and interests.

I strive to live within my belief that the students’ engagement to life-long learning can be achieved if the students have positive attitude towards learning. Therefore, reinforcement of the positive learning attitudes must be provided at stake. This can be done by understanding the students’ emotional and social needs. If learners show negative attitudes and behaviors in the learning process, thorough investigation must be done in order to identify the cause/s of such dilemma and to provide immediate solution. Students must be given a sense of responsibility by involving them in every-decision making task and making them accountable of their own deeds. It should be understood that students have limitless capability to generate ideas for the advancement of mankind. Therefore, creativity should be highly-favored in every teaching-learning experience.

Providing eagerness to learn among the students means inspiring them to learn by showing untiring passion for teaching and learning with them. A teacher must be willing enough to go beyond the horizon of traditional teaching-learning process. The best thing that a teacher can do to a learner is to inspire him to explore his own potentials and encourage him to be the best of himself and that is teaching students how to live.

P.S. This philosophy was crafted during my course on Curriculum and Instructional Development at St. Theresa-INTI College in Bangkok, Thailand. I give credit to Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan for his utmost desire to develop every teacher as he struggle to design a healthy system of education where every learner is given importance. Thank you for the inspiration!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,
I am proud of you... Continue inspiring fellow teachers!
Dr. Edward